(Thanks to Sutai for the banner!)

Note: race long over, most prizes have been given out. Thanks again all who participated
Holding on to what I have not given away for a future mystic event, like a coliseum fight.
If you want to see a visionstone of the race track, check out mine: Neige's race
I did get stuck a looong time in the flower tower, so I cut that part out, it's
still a neatish movie

The race info:

This race will be held on the Saturday the 14th of September 2002, to participate
simply show up at 3pm EST in the north part of the e-field by the bridge.
If you plan to race or help out please read the rest of the page
Contact me (Neige!) for questions, donations, etc, at: jelefebvre@mac.com

Goal of the race

We set out 6 locations across the islands, you have to reach all of them
in the shortest amount of time possible, but also in any order you want.
In all 6 location there will be a line judge, you have to pull him/her
in order to say you reach that location. When you reached all six places, you
then come back to the north part of e-field at the bridge and pull me.

The locations are:

1. Puddleby's underground
judge: Dave

2. Myrm hive entrance underneath the highlands
judge: Mephisto (Meph doesn't need fighter support ;])

3. Bangil's Farm
judge: Teddy Salad

4. Tanglewood 7
judge: Elise

5. The flowe tower (oh the insanity!)
judge: WormTounge

6. Totally non-trivial mystery location! (to be revealed on the day of the race)
judges(2!): Kamik and Benylin


There are no rules, you can do any devious trick you want, use any skill you have,
as long as you do it alone.
That, and you need to take a movie of your race, please only start the movie
as you start running around, not before.
And.. er.. you need to be a mystic (AM, JM, FM)
And you need to make sure Sutai loses. Really! Honest! Double winnings and all! (almost kidding!)


Since there really is no need to leave the mystics on the ground once they fell
A rescue group will be around moving between the locations to pick up any fallens.
J'nder and Torin have agreed to help out. Many thanks to them!
Once rescue, you can come back to the e-field, there'll a few drinks to pass around
and many others to swap stories with.


Current Total Donation:
3625 coins
3 Ethereal Amulets
2 Red Healing Potion
2 Shield

We are currently seeking donations to give out as prizes
Anything you can give out, may it be money, sunstones, clothing,
a service, some self-respect. Anything would be appreciated. Especially self-respect.
How many prizes and how much they will be worth will depend on the donations.
Note that I would much more prefer to give every racer and should be every judge a
participant prize, than give lots of money to any single person.
The break down of prizes so far:
1 1st place
1 2nd place
2 3th place
Most spectacular avoidance of death
Most spectacular death
Best devious mystic tricks

Give /thanks to does who donate:
Neige(1010c, 3 Ethereal Amulets, 1 Red healing Potion, 1 Shield), Ledward Vicious (Red Healing Potion),
K'Pyn (50c), Martin(100c), Yor(400c), Opxe(100c), Elise(100c), Drax(1000c), Praetorius (50c),
Talin (20c), Azael(20c), WormTounge (750c), Benylin(25c), 1 Shield (Sun Dragon Clan,
1 potion of Energy (Ruen), Leinis (1 axe), Dave (100c)

Some after party celebration stuff:
Keg of honey ale (Gimli)

Want to help? Wanna be a line judge?

Current judges:
Neige, Mephisto, Teddy Salad, Elise, Dave, Benylin, WormTounge, Kamik, Kalian

We are looking for a couple of line judges. Your job is to stand at one of
the locations and wait to be pulled by the racers.
Please take down the name of all the racers that pulled you, and SS me(Neige!)
the result you get. A quick SS saying "3: Neige" is plenty enough.
You can't help the racers, but don't try to make it harder for them than it is.
Stand roughly in the sne'll as what the pictures shows, yell back if they ask for "ping"
and kill any critters that come to close.
If you are unsure about the location, come and talk to me a day or two before the race start.
So far, we don't have any money to give the line judges, sorry! Hope this will change.